About Movie Gaga

Movie Gaga: The Media Blitz with Us Two Guys is brought to you by Us Two Guys, Chandler and Jo.

Chandler (cscales13) is a musician, voice actor, stand-up comedian, the author of Comedy is Serious Business, and all-around good guy. Jo (Plum Jo) is an unemployed louse who watches movies all day while filling out job applications and managing her blogs, Salami & Orchids and Blauthor, Blauthor. Friends for longer than either would like to admit, Chandler and Jo one day decided it would be fun to supply the world with even more of their opinions than they already were because, really, "The Internet has given everybody in America a voice. For some reason, everybody decides to use that voice to bitch about movies." That was the conception and is the purpose of Movie Gaga.

So on Movie Gaga you will find Chandler and Jo's tandem reviews, solo reviews, and articles on all things movie and television. They'll do their best to inform as well as entertain, but they make no promises.

Thank you for visiting Movie Gaga! Please come again, Chandler and Jo promise they'll get their act together sooner or later.